Vanishing Lakes

Brent McCorkle - Cole Morgan - Danielle Benavides - Cayla Turner // Spring 2019 // Prof. V. Vadaht ARCH 206 // Design and Visual Comm. Foundations II

A three week project we were tasked with, was coming up with some form of installation involving a data set and transforming that into an aesthetic design. While Bret had come up with the idea of using LEDs and plexi to display something, the focus of the design was something that I put great care into choosing. The shrinking or ‘vanishing’ of lakes around the world can be attributed to climate change or man made intervention that could have been avoidable.

The Aral Sea bordering Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the Great Salt Lake in Utah, Lake Urmia in Iran, and the Toshka Lakes in Egypt were the lakes we found with the most significant change between 1999 and 2016. By creating lights that must be moved by hand to see the change, the user should feel the impact of being responsible for the shrinkage of the lakes. The link to the short video highlights the fabrication process and the change in the lakes.

Research Poster3D Model PDF