La Ciutadella

Cayla Turner and Vivian Gutierrez // Fall 2019 // Miguel Roldán // CARC 301 FLD STUDY DESIGN INNOV-SPAIN Barcelona Architecture Center

Spain is one of the top five worst ozone polluters in the world, and one of the furthest away from greenhouse gas emission standards. The biggest contribution to these alarming figures are a massive increase in carbon dioxide emissions, produced from an influx of personal vehicles on the roads and cruise ships. Aside from environmental problems, air pollution has been labelled responsible for an increase in the number of illnesses.

Our main goal for this project was to create a space that contributes to the solution by essentially creating a third greenhouse on the site. Placing selective plants through-out the museum allows us to provide a space where the air will be clean, increasing the comfortability and health of the users.

After analyzing the transportation systems around the park and comparing them to the circulation inside the park, we created a tunnel that connects the park with the rest of the city. Funneling citizens in the park and into the museum. We then took that same tunnel idea and rotated it to create tunnels out of the ground into skylights, funneling light into the museum. Lastly, we unraveled the tunnel into a ramp that tunneled through the building vertically, carving a space for the greenhouse plants and ending on the roof.

Integrated Systems Report